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bamboo roofing sheet texas

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Bamboo Mat Corrugated Sheet Investigations were carried out at IPIRTI under a Project sponsored by BMTPC to develop an Eco-friendly roofing sheet. Since corrugated sheets are more ideal for roofing application, attempts were made to develop Corrugated Bamboo Mat Sheet (BMCS).


We grow and sell rare and fine non-invasive clumping bamboos for privacy screens and landscaping.

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Corrugated bamboo roofing sheets are made by putting together many woven bamboo mats. These mats are then treated with an adhesive risen. A hydraulic press binds the sheets together and also gives the sheets “S” shape. The sheets are as hard as a turtle’s shell


Transfer of Technology Model: Corrugated Bamboo Roofing Sheets Unit 8 1. Corrugated bamboo roofing sheets Corrugated bamboo roofing sheets (CBRS) are produced from woven mats of bamboo that are soaked in adhesive resin and then pressed firmly together. The corrugations are formed by pressing the mats between two corrugated pressing plates.

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Corrugated bamboo roofing sheets (CBRS) are an excellent alternative to corrugated metal, plastic or asbestos roofing sheets. They are produced from a natural and sustainable resource and can be used to cover homes, storage facilities, animal pens and many other temporary or permanent structures. 3. How are Corrugated Bamboo Roofing Sheets Made?

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